Raptures offers an interlude from the helter-skelter of modern living. Our product range has been formulated to touch each part of your life, leaving you renewed, refreshed and restored. Our products are available in a number of ranges, all developed from natural products with aromatherapy qualities to fulfil a specific need in your life.......

The concept for Raptures was born, not surprisingly, in the South African bush as Adel, the owner, used to be a tour guide.

"When I went to the game lodges, I was always amazed at the number of plants and trees that had medicinal properties. I began to think that there had to be a way to harness the natural potential that was right there in our own backyard."

Then began a process of informal research,

"I found the existing environments to be very cluttered," says Adel, "What was supposed to be a pleasant and soothing experience turned out to be stressful because there were just too many products and no one to guide you in your choice. I decided to create a calming environment, rather than just a shop."

Thus the idea of Raptures came to be... a soothing experience in which people could be offered natural South African products under the guidance of an expert.

Come steal away to a secret place where stillness and well-being meets you at the door with a promise of revitalisation in hand.

Raptures products are biodegradable, not tested on animals and are made in the most cost effective way to allow everyone to share in the Raptures experience...